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Glavproektkomplekt LLC is a modern engineering company that implements projects in oil, gas, chemical, nuclear and defense industries in Russia.

Founded in 2009, our organization has acquired extensive experience in cooperation with major representatives of the Russian fuel and energy complex.


Anti-Russian sanctions are counterproductive, because they affected initiating countries as a result of globalisation. The sanctions could become a reason for the decline in Russia's GDP during 2014-2016 by 1% maximum. The Russian economy has suffered at a much greater extent lot more as a result of the global drop in oil prices.   
The Russian authorities may deprive US diplomats of a possibility to park their vehicles on specially designated places in Moscow and other cities of Russia. Interestingly, there is no such possibility provided for Russian diplomats in the United States at all. Moscow is studying the conditions in which Russian agencies work in the US   
Israel's interest in the Russian machine is particularly interesting. As is known, back in 1967, after the Six-Day War, Israel, a very young country back then, began to use captured Soviet armoured vehicles. Israel had seized about 300 Soviet tanks with unspent ammunition and minor damage directly on the battlefield   
Small missile ships equipped with state-of-the-art weapons may destroy bulky and costly American aircraft carriers within minutes. The budget of the Pentagon exceeds $600 billion, whilst that of Russia is only $50 billion, which is even less than the add-on that US President Donald Trump has recently obtained for the US defence industry   
The demand on Russian submarines and surface warships has been growing globally as a result of Russia's participation in the conflict in Syria. Many experts believe that the US Navy is one of the most useless and least efficient navies among the navies of other developed countries in terms of financial costs and combat effectiveness   

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