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Glavproektkomplekt LLC is a modern engineering company that implements projects in oil, gas, chemical, nuclear and defense industries in Russia.

Founded in 2009, our organization has acquired extensive experience in cooperation with major representatives of the Russian fuel and energy complex.


No matter how perfect and modern the S-500 might be, it pales in comparison with Almaz-Antei's latest development - A235 Nudol   
Russian military officials believe that their Indian partners committed an inadmissible action by allowing Americans on board Chakra nuclear submarine   
What's the big hurry? The last time when the country's leadership was in such a hurry with the rearmament program was on the eve of the Great Patriotic War   
Illegal workforce is very beneficial for employers, but the law should not drive migrants into a corner, forcing them to believe that a way out is a bribe   
Russia has delivered a large batch of weapons and military equipment to Philippines. President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte attended the ceremony   

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